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Technology Scholar (UTS) Program


The purpose of the CISER Undergraduate Technology Scholars Program is to encourage undergraduate students interested in technology to begin participation in research early in their academic careers, and to provide those students with a long-term, realistic research experience in applied technology and bioinformatics. UTSs can work with faculty mentors on research projects with a substantial bioinformatics component, or with the CISER Technology Team where they will use Microsoft® Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, a single-sourcing platform, to create and maintain CISER databases and publish upfront content in Webpages. Scholars work with coordinators in a team environment to research and implement state-of-the-art technology for creating user-end efficient tools for data storage, website management, and collaboration on and off campus.

Program Description

CISER Undergraduate Technology Scholars interview five potential mentors from a list of faculty mentors in various departments at TTU, TTUHSC, TIEHH and USDA-ARS laboratory. Students must not contact potential mentors until they know the status of their application and have been informed of the mentor selection process. Scholars must attend a group orientation and training session prior to beginning their laboratory work. Scholars are paid hourly (currently $8.50 per hour) and can work a maximum average of 35 hours a week during the summer and 20 hours a week during the regular semesters. The program does not provide room and board during the summer or academic year. It does not pay tuition and fees. The award does not qualify a student for in-state tuition.


To be eligible for this program, students must be: 1) full-time undergraduate students in good academic standing; 2) interested in research with a technology focus; 3) either an American citizen or permanent resident, or, in the case of foreign nationals, hold a visa allowing her/him to work in this country; 4) committed to a long-term research experience, and be able and willing to maintain a serious and ongoing commitment to their research project during the academic year and summer. Other employment, high course loads, or substantial involvement in other activities or organizations are not compatible with the kind of effort that is expected of the undergraduate research students in this program. Students interested in short-term and less committed undergraduate research efforts should pursue one of the many programs that provide those opportunities.

The Scholar application

The process is open year round, and applicants are interviewed when Scholar positions become available. If selected and pending satisfactory progress, Scholars may be renewed for each subsequent year, until graduation.