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Graduate Scholar Program

The CISER Graduate Teaching Scholar (GTS), Post-Doctoral Teaching Scholar (PTS) and Graduate Doctoral Scholar (GDS) programs all emphasize interaction with and mentoring by outstanding TTU teaching faculty, with the objective of producing the next generation of university teachers. We believe that these kinds of interactions and experiences will generate the most well-rounded, research- and teaching-capable young scientists. These CISER Scholar programs partner with TTU Biological Sciences and the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center (TLPDC aka TLTC) for training to support these scholars until they graduate or begin faculty positions.

Current and past TTU faculty leaders of the GTS and GDS programs:
Stephanie Lockwood, Biological Sciences
Michael San Francisco, Biological Sciences
Lou Densmore, Biological Sciences
Roman Taraban, Psychology
Susan Tomlinson, Honors College


Swerdlove, Angela PBiological SciencesGTS2010
Griffith, Ken Biological SciencesGTS2013
Lockwood, Stephanie Biological SciencesPTS2012
Strovas, Jenny Biological SciencesGTS2012
Eisenhut, Christina EducationGSEdS2011
Parlos, Julie Biological SciencesGDS2011
Arner, Amanda Biological SciencesGTS 2011
Cromie, Meghan Biological SciencesGTS2011
Roussos, Stephen Biological SciencesGDS2011
Ordonez-Garza, Biological SciencesGTS2011
Silva, Shalika Biological SciencesGTS2011
Thekkiniath, Jose Biological SciencesGTS2011
Chen, Xi Biological Biological SciencesGDS2010
Atannasov, Momchil Biological SciencesPTS2010
Belinsky, Kara Biological SciencesPTS2010
Pan, Zhi Biological Biological SciencesPTS2010
Paton, Chad Biological SciencesPTS2010
Phillips, Caleb Biological SciencesPTS 2010
Wainscott, Melody Biological SciencesGTechS2008
Fokar, Mohammed Biological SciencesPTS 2008
Carty, Nancy Biological SciencesPTS2007
Robertson, Traesha Biological SciencesPTS 2007
Moss, Angela Biological SciencesGTS, PTS2006
Swier, Vicki Biological SciencesGTS2006
Campbell, Jim Biological SciencesGTS2004
Hamilton, Donna Biological SciencesGTS2004
Huddleston, Jennifer Biological SciencesGTS2004
Marko, Wayne GeosciencesGTS2004
Phillips, Richard Range, Wildlife, and Fisheries ManagementGTS2004
Powell, Lee Jr. PhysicsGTS2004
Rodriguez, David Biological SciencesGTS2004
Rosscoe, Steve GeosciencesGTS2004
Bell, Jane Ann Chemistry and BiochemistryGTS 2003
HaghiPour – Peasley, Jilla Biological SciencesGTS2001
Anwarali, Faisal Biological SciencesGTS2012
Hyndman, Michael Biological SciencesGTS2012
Kumari, Neha Biological SciencesGTS2012
Ordonez , Nicte Biological SciencesGTS2012
Pawlowic, Mattie Biological SciencesGTS2012
Urbanczyk, Aaron Biological SciencesGTS2012
Zak, JohnBiological SciencesGDS2007
Eisenhut, ChristinaEducationGSE2011