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Scholar Awards

The awards and scholarships received by CISER Scholars are prestigious and diverse; the honor societies they belong to are outstanding.

The CISER Scholars include some of Texas Tech’s most outstanding students, including Presidential Scholars (the most prestigious scholarships awarded at TTU), Goldwater Scholars (23/27 TTU Goldwater Scholars from 1994-2007 were CISER Scholars), National Merit Scholars, members of the President’s (4.0 G.P.A.; 10 Scholars) and Dean’s (3.50 G.P.A.; 31 Scholars) lists, participants in the University Honors College, and members of various academic honor societies, including Mortar Board, a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service.

Departments also award scholarships based on student merit and achievements, and include the Biology Landwer Scholarship, the Biology Earl Camp Award, the J/D Turner Arts and Sciences Merit Scholarship, the Dr. Richard L. Blanton Endowment for Undergraduate Research Scholarship, the Gerald Skoog Scholarship, the John Burns Scholarship, the Talkmitt Science Motivator Award, the Julie Isom WE Fund Research Presentation Award, the Mentor Tech Scholarship, the Leadership Symposium Scholarship, the AT&T Scholarship, and the H.Y. Price Scholarship.