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PMSC 2011

Elevate Student Success through a Brain-Friendly Classroom

Presenters: Ashley Brimeyer
Description: Create a brain friendly classroom to enhance student learning. Participants walk away with successful strategies and materials for immediate use.

Plate Tectonics: Proving the Theory

Presenters: Brandon Gallenstein
Description: Participants will derive the theory of plate tectonics through a series of activities utilizing manipulatives and historical data as evidence. Reproducible paper models are provided for educators on the http:// website.

Make a Model Classroom

Presenters: Chris Rodriguez
Description: Participants will explore the importance of models by engaging in a number of favorite activities. Handouts used in the presentation can be found at http:// website.

Heavy Things Sink

Presenters: Christina Eisenhut
Description: Participants will unravel the misconceptions of density through a series of hands-on activities. Reproducible hand-outs for educators can be found at http:// website

“Invisible” Physics

Presenters: Eric Schwartz
Description: Help students build understanding of abstract, hard to visualize concepts in Physics. Through the use of colorful manipulatives, real-life circuit puzzles, and engaging inquiry activities, students will find relatable examples to clarify topics which are notoriously difficult both to teach and to learn. Activities will address content and pedagogy for diverse learners and align with the English Language Proficiency Standards as well as the National Science Standards. Topics addressed include force and motion, circuits, waves, and more. The student-centered assessment activities provided require students to build connections between concepts and communicate understanding that they acquire through application. The students will demonstrate their understanding by utilizing visuals and vocabulary to justify their observations in concrete terms. All participants will walk away with access to the manipulatives and activity handouts provided online at http:// website. Some participants will also receive door prizes including ready to use classroom sets of all of the activities presented.