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NSTA 2011

Important Concepts in Chemistry

Description: The strategies provide opportunities for students, in a high school chemistry classroom, to make content connections which enhance comprehension and retention. The research-based strategies will include concept attainment to recognize the distinction between homogeneous mixtures from other forms of matter, concept development to classify types of matter, and Suchmann inquiry to discover properties of colloids. Concepts covered are specified in the National Science Standards and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

The Best of CISER: Empowering Students to Learn

Description: Are you reteaching concepts because students are having difficulties? Engage in powerful teaching strategies that encourage students to look for patterns as they build their own understanding. Students internalize the concepts for life-long retention because they define concepts in their own words and build on previous understanding. These strategies work for all ages and subjects. Participants will engage in some of the best and most requested CISER activities.