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NSTA 2010


Description: Students build understandings of graphing through engaging investigations that provide relevance as students communicate their findings. In student-centered settings, students utilize resources provided to decide graphing formats that best align with data derived in a variety of multidisciplinary science activities. They collect data, design the graphs, analyze the data for comparisons and relationships from the patterns they observe, and communicate and justify their choices. Content covered includes concepts of motion, energy, populations and plant nutrients.

Science Connections Are Everywhere

Description: Bring science to life for elementary children with favorite literature resources. Guide children to learn through a variety of hands-on activities that give books real life connections. Activities can also be used in multiple subject areas. Presenters will model a read-aloud approach followed by a related science activity. The hands-on activities developed by CISER, a member of the Texas Tech University T-STEM alliance, align with national standards and motivate children to relate science to their experiences. Activities cover a variety of science areas.

Biology Activities for Beginning Teachers

Description: Explore some hands-on CISER favorites that address Biology content for teachers.