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Join WT-AWIS Now!

  • First, join the national chapter for the Association for Women in Science (AWIS).
  • Click Join on top tab.
  • Click the membership type that applies to you.

a. Faculty/staff/postdoc: select regular member $65

b. Student: select student member $15

  • Fill out the online form.
  • Under Chapter Affiliation and Contributions, and in the drop-down box for Chapter Selection, select Texas (West Texas).Questions? Contact
      1. This selection will charge you for our chapter dues (faculty $15 and student $5) which will com back to us to support our local meetings, increasing membership totals to: faculty/staff/postdoc $80, student $30
      2. If you sign up before June, your membership will be pro-rated for the remaining current year and the next membership year.
      3. You will also have the option to contribute additional funds to WT-AWIS by adding the $ amount of your choice under the Additional Chapter Contribution box (Thank you!).Complete and submit your application.
  • Celebrate becoming a part of the most exciting group in West Texas…men and women welcome!