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Join WT-AWIS Now!

  1. First, join the national chapter for the Association for Women in Science (AWIS).
  2. Click Join on top tab.
  3. Click the membership type that applies to you.


There are two memberships available in joining WT-AWIS:

a. Faculty/staff/postdoc: select regular member $65

b. Student: select student member $15


4.  Fill out the online form.
5.  Under Chapter Affiliation and Contributions, and in the drop-down box for Chapter Selection, select Texas (West Texas).Questions?                                                                             Contact us

  1. This selection will charge you for our chapter dues (faculty $15 and student $5) which will com back to us to support our local meetings, increasing membership totals to: faculty/staff/postdoc $80, student $30
  2. If you sign up before June, your membership will be pro-rated for the remaining current year and the next membership year.
  3. You will also have the option to contribute additional funds to WT-AWIS by adding the $ amount of your choice under the Additional Chapter Contribution box (Thank you!).Complete and submit your application.

Celebrate becoming a part of the most exciting group in West Texas…men and women welcome!