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Research/Technology Scholar Applicant Evaluation Form (Mentors only)

Please complete the following evaluation form. For more information about the CISER Program (1992-2014) and undergraduate research opportunities visit our website,

Dear Evaluator:

The CISER Science Education Program’s competition for Undergraduate Scholars has begun and your input is invaluable in helping us recruit students to our program. All Scholars benefit from unique undergraduate experiences, make $8.50/hr, work year-round, can apply for funds for professional travel to meetings, and enjoy getting to know the other Scholars in the Program. There are now three distinct scholarship programs:

  • Research Scholars – encourages early involvement in research for students and enables a continuous and long-term commitment to a research project.
  • Technology Scholars – designed for students interested in bioinformatics (research project driven) or computer technology use in the classroom and laboratory.
  • Science Education Scholars – provides students who plan to be science teachers with the opportunity to work in precollege outreach science programs and participate in a summer research laboratory experience.

The selection process is concerned with identifying very good students who will make the most of the opportunity to do scientific research or participate in pre-college science education – it is a privilege enjoyed by less than 5% of the undergraduates at Texas Tech. Before officially accepting an undergraduate research, technology or science education Scholar position, Scholars must consider the following important points:

  1. always act with the utmost integrity and honesty in their research and education endeavors and interactions with the CISER Program (1992-2014);
  2. take the experience seriously;
  3. commit to a long-term project(s);
  4. dedicate sufficient time and energy year-round to the research/technology/education project to give it the best chances of succeeding;
  5. become intellectually engaged in the project, to be proactive in learning about the background of the project, and to become familiar with the literature of the field;
  6. limit external activities and other jobs that will adversely affect time on their work and to consult with the program director and coordinators before committing to major outside activities;
  7. take care in designing their academic schedules to enable them to spend sufficient time on their project(s) during the academic year and summer;
  8. minimize their summer coursework to enable them to have sufficient time in the lab;
  9. participate regularly and enthusiastically in the activities of the CISER Program (1992-2014); and
  10. take on leadership roles within the Program (for example the CISER Scholar Service Organization).

Significant money is invested in Scholars to pay salaries, costs incurred for training and project supplies, and travel to professional meetings. Significant faculty/staff time is also invested in their training and guidance. Only students who are able and willing to dedicate themselves to this program for the long-term should become a Scholar. Therefore, students who accept positions should do so in good faith; they should intend to stay in the program for their entire undergraduate tenure at Texas Tech, assuming renewal as a Scholar.

Thank you for your time and valuable contribution.