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CISER Resources

07 CISER Assessment Rpt84.7 KB426
08 CISER - Strategic Plans And Assessment Reports138.1 KB407
09 10 PhV TTU Student Research Map And Measures72.8 KB409
2014 CISER Organizational Chart116.6 KB70
A Summary Of Technical Editing Theory For Website Design126.1 KB460
Blanton Pledge487.3 KB527
Blanton Scholarship Application352.9 KB167
CISER Goals And Objectives55.3 KB103
CISER PeopleInfo361.2 KB138
CISER Permission And Release20.4 KB110
CISER Permission And Release69.6 KB444
Ciser Website Analysis1.3 MB448
Dr Roman Tarban Wins Fulbright62.2 KB400
Introduction To Research Ethics Fall 201040.6 KB452
March 2007 National Geographic Article About Densmore246.4 KB408
Peers Nip Misconduct In The Bud NATURE July 20101.0 MB397
Sharepoint Case Study353.0 KB493
Spotlight On Tech Training Program13.9 KB446
Tie Funding To Research Integrity NATURE July 2010363.1 KB391
U S Dept Of Ed Evaluation Of Evidence-Based Practices In Online Learning838.5 KB396
Undergraduate Research As A Learning Strategy69.7 KB405
CISER Identity Files
2012 CISER Identity Files1.3 MB74
Letterhead Official CISER 2012 BLK228.9 KB133
Letterhead Official CISER 2012 PNG232.7 KB127
Letterhead Official CISER 2012 WHT96.2 KB186
Faculty Development Resources
2010 GTS Flyer45.8 KB409
Featured Stories
20th Anniversary Video639.9 KB406
20th Anniversay Bash At CISER[1]151.5 KB448
TTU-HHMI 20 Amazing Years Of Photos97.2 KB459
Haragan Lecture
2001 Haragan Lecture Flyer Vogel184.9 KB423
2003 Haragan Lecture Otis Flyer124.4 KB645
2004 Haragan Lecture Flyer Hillis58.1 KB402
2006 Haragan Lecture Flyer Miller777.9 KB413
2007 Haragan Lecture Flyer Flannery84.2 KB399
2008 Haragan Lecture Flyer Jaax108.9 KB396
2009 Haragan Lecture Flyer Cech55.1 KB405
2010 Fall Haragan Lecture Flyer Bonewald89.4 KB428
2010 Haragan Lecture Flyer416.1 KB102
2010 Haragan Lecture Flyer Batzer207.2 KB462
2011 Haragan Lecture Flyer120.3 KB425
2012 Haragan Lecture Flyer264.2 KB411
Haragan Video3.3 MB33
Harvest Dinner And Skoog Cup
Harvest Dinner Skoog Cup Flyer 20111.8 MB188
06-10 HHMI Recruitment Presentation2.1 MB559
2012 TTUHHMI Banquet Timeline268.3 KB432
2012 TTUHHMI Timeline254.9 KB237
CISER Presentation 200626.9 MB407
CISER Presentation 201027.3 MB477
CISER Presentation 201422.6 MB3
CISER Presentation 201422.6 MB3